Idolising The K-Pop (Kpop 우상을 숭 배해요)

Yup, I am definitely on the bandwagon. Year 2012 is probably the biggest year for K-POP considering how PSY - Gangnam Style Song becomes the most watch MV on Youtube over 1 billion million views and counting in 5 months.

Tokyo Japan Tour

Tokyo is a high density metropolitan city with some interesting cultures. My next solo trip after Seoul, one of the few remaining modern Asian country I haven't visited.

Buying Cheap #KPOP Music CDs in Seoul Korea

Many years back I always been buying books for reading. And once, I mention in the blog, I rather buy books than music CDs. Back then, I never own one until 2011 when I got hook on KPOP. Now, I stop buying books and bought a number of Kpop CDs instead.

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Monday, July 25, 2016

#Delay #Farewell #2015

Time for another short review of year 2015. (After much delay)

As usual get started with work.

1st #Work was busy during first half of 2015, due to my colleague departure , so  I have to take over 2 projects from him. I think just managed to finish all by first half of the year due to much dilly dally.

2nd #Work as well, got bored during 2nd half of the year, due to lack of projects. Work is like no more momentum, motivation and desire. Become really slack. Feels like becoming an old man. Times are bad as well, the economy affecting everyone especially after the GST, almost everything become worse.

*Added below after 25th July 2016 after much delay

3rd #New work related also. Got myself in a new environment, way north of Malaysia. A truly new challenge. Hope it turns out to be better.

4th #Travel ...for work again. Went Singapore twice and Thailand once at year end. Wanted to go Hong Kong but didn't make it in the end due to job change. Honestly, don't really like go Singapore, not too much different from Malaysia especially Msia food taste much better. Thailand is much nicer as there is cultural differences.

5th #Money value decreasing due to our Malaysia economy. RM has lost so much towards the end of 2015, making many things have price increased. Really hate this kind of condition where there is no improvement, but always taking a few steps backwards. It will recover, but will never reach the glorious levels in the 90s.

Finally, and again, one can only hope for a better future. I thought I could live lazily, earning 'gaji buta' but this condition makes me feel really weak, almost useless. So the only way is to keep fighting!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

#AOA Heart Attack on #KPOP & Shining Girl's Day

Is the KPOP fever is slowly dwindling. Perhaps because SNSD is not so active and have grown up on me? Even though they are many new KPOP groups appearing, but I guess they lack real sustaining power. Other older established groups such as Kara, Miss A and Secret have fallen much in these past 2 years. The younger groups are getting more attention than the older ones in recent times.

And then #AOA (Ace Of Angels) started to shine really brightly. IMO, they are the new top girl group that is climbing quickly since 2014. They debuted in 2011. They are showing much sexiness in their songs Miniskirt and Like a Cat which are also quite catchy tracks.

Their most famous  members are Seolhyun and Choa. Choa got this really striking look with her short blonde hair and heavy make up, almost anime character like.

Seolhyun has become the most popular girl for CF, movies everything, displacing Suzy already. Almost all her cardboard cutout got stolen at shops.

 As of Feb 2015, this site Sports Chosun has put AOA in top 5.

#Girl'sDay is another top girl group maintaining their popularity with latest song Ring My Bell. Their previous songs Something and Expectation were great success which heightened their popularity.

#Apink is which debut in 2011 that has managed to climb high on the girl group rankings, Apink normally showcase bright and cute concept in their songs, which gain them many fans. Not one of my favorite though.

#Sistar has managed to reach almost SNSD level as they can sing well and dance. Perhaps one day they can be on par or surpass SNSD level? But doubt so.

#EXID almost disbanded before a fancam made them popular and they manage to improve their forturnes from then on. With that, they manage to comeback and stay in the game.

Sustaining success in KPOP for the girl groups are hard as they are just too many of them. To stand out and reach higher, you need to best of the best and do what no one has done before, continuously exploring new concepts.

Top 2013 girl group news:

Top 2014 girl group news: 

Sunday, January 11, 2015

#New #Year #2015, Bye #2014

I don't think I have much great things happened for me in 2014. I really feel times fly fast, really just pass me by. Time is really the prove of our existence. Otherwise, we are nothing.

Let's get some points straight for the year.

1st #SNSD down to 8 member. As expected, they are starting to break up. Eventually, probably no more SNSD as I predicted from their songs and advancing age. They do try new concept for their songs, but still can't be as good as the previous years in my opinion.  KPOP starts to get less follow up from me as well.

2nd #Cisco skills upgrading. Another busy year at work couple with my colleague migrated to Aussie. Most of the time spent learning and acquiring new Cisco knowledge or skills. Target to upgrade my certifications in 2015.

3rd #Coffee addiction is growing much stronger. In the past 2 years, there has been a burst of these cafe selling anything from  10-13 bucks cup of coffee. TBH, I can't really differentiate how good a cup of coffee is as I drink most kinds of caffeine whether the normal kopi, cham or teh tarik. But I know I always feel better after a cuppa.

4th #Cost for living rising, hence working from home more to be implemented. As a roundtrip to office cost about RM 10, it is much better to stay at home and use that for money for food. Decent food now almost RM 10, can't find any economy rice in my area as well.

5th #Other things hopefully work out as well. Put more effort and get it done. Have #faith!!